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Grey Matter Media

A new approach to local news

Let’s be real: The media industry today paints a bleak picture of local journalism. Local outlets are being stretched further with less money, and national news outlets aren’t in tune with what’s happening on a local level. That means for cities like Columbus that are constantly changing and growing, locals are left without insight into what’s going on in their own backyards. 

That’s where Grey Matter Media comes in. We’re a small, independent team of local journalists, social workers,  filmmakers and concerned citizens from both the public and private sectors who want to bring innovative, investigative news to Central Ohio. We aim to bring empathy, nuance and depth to central Ohio news coverage. And what’s more: We want to make it accessible and affordable, so we’re applying to become a nonprofit. We will not be beholden to large advertisers, and we will never make you pay to access our content. We vow to keep our investigations and journalism free to the public and funded by those who can afford to invest in our community. 

The grey matter in our brains allows us to think and act simultaneously, and that is what our coverage does. Our articles, videos, web applications and data visualizations are designed to make you think, but also empower you to act. Part of that empowerment comes from telling the whole story. Much of today’s media paints issues with broad, black and white strokes; coverage is often divisive, depressing, and disempowering. Instead, we’re giving you an alternative that contextualizes the issues and shows just how many shades of grey there really are. 


Matter News is an investigative, digital publication focusing only on the most pressing issues facing central Ohio. Matter provides nuance, clarity and depth to complex problems by dissecting and exploring a given issue piece by piece and only for specific issues. Matter reporters only dive into issues that are specifically affecting Columbus in a large way, based on feedback from the community. 

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Grey Matter Films produces documentaries featuring stories from central Ohio. 

Our current project follows the members of Black, Queer, Intersectional Columbus (BQIC) — pronounced b-quick — as they prepare and host a week of LGBTQ+ Pride events leading up to Community Pride, BQIC’s own all-day pride celebration. Community Pride was in part in response to the arrest four black queer protesters using physical force during Stonewall’s pride event in 2017. The year between those pride events showed just how deep the divisions withing Columbus LGBTQ community really are. 



At Grey Matter Media, our priority is first and foremost the community we serve. That’s why we work to put people first in our approach, our reporting and our business practices, including being transparent about where our funding comes from. Want to know about our values and approach to reinventing local news? Send us an email at


To empower people to be informed community members through innovative, investigative journalism covering the most pressing issues affecting central Ohio.


To inspire equitable and sustainable community engagement in the greater central Ohio region. 


Grey Matter Media is fiscally sponsored by the Institute for Nonprofit News, a national nonprofit focused on nonprofit, investigative news organizations. For more information, check out their fiscal sponsorship program

Grey Matter Media and its programs subscribe to the editorial independence policy developed by the Institute for Nonprofit News:

Our organization retains full authority over editorial content to protect the best journalistic and business interests of our organization. We maintain a firewall between news coverage decisions and sources of all revenue. Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of donors or their products, services or opinions.

We accept gifts, grants and sponsorships from individuals and organizations for the general support of our activities, but our news judgments are made independently and not on the basis of donor support.

Our organization may consider donations to support the coverage of particular topics, but our organization maintains editorial control of the coverage. We will cede no right of review or influence of editorial content, nor of unauthorized distribution of editorial content.

Our organization will make public all donors who give a total of $5,000 or more per year. We will accept anonymous donations for general support only if it is clear that sufficient safeguards have been put into place that the expenditure of that donation is made independently by our organization and in compliance with INN’s Membership Standards.

Grey Matter Media and its programs subscribe to the donor transparency policy developed by the Institute for Nonprofit News:

We are committed to transparency in every aspect of funding our organization. Accepting financial support does not mean we endorse donors or their products, services or opinions.

We accept gifts, grants and sponsorships from individuals, organizations and foundations to help with our general operations, coverage of specific topics, and special projects. Our news judgments are made independently – not based on or influenced by donors. We do not give supporters the rights to assign, review or edit content.

We will make public all donors who give $1000 or more per year. As a nonprofit, we will not accept donations from anonymous sources, government entities, political parties, elected officials or candidates actively seeking public office. We will not accept donations from sources who, deemed by our board of directors, present a conflict of interest with our work or compromise our independence.


As a nonprofit, we rely on individual donations from invested residents to keep producing quality, investigative journalism.

We always want to keep our coverage free and open to the public, so no one is barred from accessing critical information about their lives based on income. But that means we need help from those who can invest in ensuring we know exactly what is going on in this city we all call home. Your generous, tax-exempt donation of any amount is highly appreciated.

NOTE: Grey Matter Media is fiscally sponsored by the Institute for Nonprofit News and as such, INN accepts donations on our behalf. 

Who We Are

Welcome to Matter:

We’re an independent digital news source focusing on hyper-local stories of community interest that you won’t find anywhere else. Our content is sparked by issues directly impacting the central Ohio area, allowing us to provide in-depth, investigative stories happening all around you. At Matter, we listen first: The issues we focus on don’t start in the newsroom, but instead in the community. We focus on specific issues, such as infant mortality or economic segregation, instead of general topics, such as crime or healthcare. This targeted approach allows our reporters and editor to dive deeper, to explain more of the nuance and context and to cultivate a deeper understanding of what they’re covering. 

We also believe in telling any story the best way it can be told, and so we work to provide a range of digital content including photography, animated videos, article, documentaries, interactive tools and more.

Join the evolution

When we first launched, we talked about Matter as a revolution of local news. But, as we’ve grown, we’ve realized it’s not a revolution but an evolution. We’re not suddenly overthrowing a system. Rather, we’re taking what works in traditional journalism and combining it with carefully crafted changes to make our journalism more accessible and impactful. Learn more about who we are and what we do.