Who We Are

Welcome to Matter:

We’re an independent digital news source focusing on hyper-local stories of community interest that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our content is sparked by issues directly impacting the central Ohio area, allowing us to provide in-depth, investigative stories happening all around you. At Matter, we listen first: The issues we focus on don’t start in the newsroom, but instead in the community. We focus on specific issues, such as infant mortality or economic segregation, instead of general topics, such as crime or healthcare. This targeted approach allows our reporters and editor to dive deeper, to explain more of the nuance and context and to cultivate a deeper understanding of what they’re covering. 

We also believe in telling any story the best way it can be told, and so we work to provide a range of digital content including photography, animated videos, article, documentaries, interactive tools and more. Our formats are tailored story by story to ensure comprehension, engagement, accessibility and empowerment for the Columbus community and beyond.

Our stories start with you. Have a pitch you’d like Matter to address? Email hello@matternews.org.

Meet the team

Anna Siriano
DevelopUS Reporter
Cassie Young
Managing Director, DevelopUS Editor
Emily Evans
Director of Community Outreach
Jaelynn Grisso
Managing Director, Managing Editor

Grey Matter Media

Matter is a publication of Grey Matter Media, a local, independent digital media startup.

Let’s be real: Local news coverage today lacks the resources, understanding and context needed to produce quality journalism. That means for cities like Columbus, locals are left without information about what’s happening in their own backyards.

That’s where Grey Matter Media comes in. We’re a small team of journalists, social workers, filmmakers and concerned citizens from this community who want to bring innovative, investigative news to central Ohio. And what’s more: We want to make it affordable. As a nonprofit, we will not be beholden to large advertisers, and we will never make you pay to access our content.

At Grey Matter Media, we go beyond the news to show the grey areas in any story.  To learn more about Grey Matter Media, our editorial independence and donor transparency policies, or to pledge a donation, visit our site at greymattermedia.org